Parents of 'miracle baby' call for safety improvements

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The parents of a baby who two weeks ago survived an 11-story fall from a Minneapolis high-rise balcony are calling for safety improvements in the building, KSTP reports.

Specifically, family members say they would like to see secure doors that lead from apartments to balconies.

The father of 15-month-old Musa Dayib says their sliding patio door lock is broken, and they believe the boy got onto the balcony and somehow slipped through the railing that runs around the edge of it.

The child landed on a soft mulch-covered spot, seriously injured but alive. He is now recovering at home, wearing a body brace as well as casts on his arms, KSTP reports.

"We believe angels catch him and reduce his risk," the body's grandmother Aisha Said told KSTP through an interpreter.

The boy's father was at home at the time and playing with his two children when he walked for a moment into the kitchen, the boy's uncle told the Star Tribune.

The boy's father, Gulad Ahmed, told KSTP he was afraid to bring him home because of the safety hazard. For now, the family has secured the patio door with a piece of wood.

"No other kid deserves what happened to my kid and I hope the owner of these buildings changes the lock on the railing," Ahemd told KSTP.

Minneapolis city officials have said Riverside Plaza exceeds state code related to balcony railings.

Officials with the management group Sherman Associates, which owns the apartment building, have said they are examining more permanent fixes, including adding childproof latches at a height on the door that a child could not reach.

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