Parents upset over lack of information after Medford students' 'kill list'


Police say there was no danger to students stemming from a "kill list" that surfaced at a southern Minnesota school, but parents are upset that they found out about the incident through social media, according to reports.

Medford School administrators found two notes last week – titled "kill list" and "hate list" – with about 35 names total on the two lists. The lists were reportedly written by two middle school-aged students, the Owatonna People's Press reports.

But police and school officials said they are "extremely certain" that the students who compiled the list did not intend real harm and they were very remorseful, reports say.

Officials at the K-12 school in the town of about 1,200 roughly 60 miles south of the Twin Cities say they told the parents of students who were on the list as soon as they could. But other parents say they found out about it from their children or heard rumors about it on Facebook, FOX 9 says.

"For parents to go on a site like Facebook and find out there, it just kind of makes you go, 'What's going on?'" Patrick Greason told FOX 9. "Something like this, they should have brought to everyone's attention."

Parents told FOX 9 that they think all parents should have been notified, especially after what happened in nearby Waseca. Last week, alert citizens notified police of a teenager's suspicious activity, which ended up thwarting his plot to kill his family and bomb his school, Waseca police said.

A parent of a student whose name was on the list also criticized the way the school handled the situation. The parent, who told the Owatonna People's Press that she wanted to remain anonymous to avoid retaliation toward her son, said she was notified on Monday about the list, which was days after the incident. She told the newspaper that the school talked to her son first, which upset her.

Officials told the newspaper that they couldn't reach all the parents right away, but it was the school's intention to give students the facts and let them know that there was no real threat of physical harm.

No criminal charges have been filed against the Medford students, but the school says it took disciplinary action against them, reports say.

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