Park Rapids woman charged with starving, killing horses

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A Hubbard County 28-year-old was charged Monday with three felony counts of animal neglect after abandoning two horses she tied to a tree in northern Minnesota. Officials say the horses starved to death near Dorset, Minn. where they were found without food or water.

Minden A. Crenshaw admitted to leaving the horses tied to a tree after her mother refused to let her have the horses at home, WCCO reports. 

She told authorities that she didn’t have any transportation to get back to the horses after moving out of her mother’s house in early April.

Investigators determined the horses were without shelter for three months and that the horses hadn’t been given water or food since April 1.

According to the complaint, authorities were alerted after a man out walking in the woods found the horses. One was tied to a tree, while the other “appeared to have broken its rope from the tree and was laying there a few feet” from the tethered horse.

A veterinarian ruled that both horses starved to death, the Star Tribune reports.

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