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Parody lampoons racy real estate ad for Uptown condo


Upscale Minnesota real estate agent and chiseled Ryan Gosling lookalike Seth Nelson has been getting a lot of attention for starring in his own sexy 3-minute video ad for a $1.99 million condo he is trying to sell.

Now ... the inevitable parody.

MPR reporter Tim Post filmed a spoof that takes aim at the high-flying, affluent lifestyle depicted in Nelson's "Date Night" ad. In case you missed it, here's Nelson's original:

For the parody ... Post went for Everyman instead of "Uber-bro." Post tells CityPages he was going for the "bizarro version" of Nelson's ad. "I think people associate more with things that happen in real life."

So instead of luxury Uptown condo, think St. Paul bungalow. Instead of top-shelf martini, think Bud Light. Instead of sparkling high-end kitchen sink faucets, think dirty dishes. You get the picture ... check it out:

Nelson has said that real estate ads are trending toward lifestyle videos, and he was looking to shoot something edgy. He has taken some teasing and criticism in stride.

“Not everyone wants to see the guy in the shower with the abs,” he told the Star Tribune. “I love film, and I wanted to get creative. Exposure is the name of the game.”

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