Paul Ryan is done with Donald Trump: What it means, and why it matters

Wisconsin's Paul Ryan is done with Donald Trump. Here's why, and what it means.

Paul Ryan is over Donald Trump. He's done, they're splitsville, he's no longer sharing his cheese with the Republican presidential nominee.

That's according to CNN (and others), who reported the U.S. Representative/House Speaker from Wisconsin told his House cohorts Monday morning he's going to shift his focus entirely to Senate and House contests (sometimes referred to as "down-ballot" races).

That means no more defending Trump, and no campaigning with him. One person who listened to the meeting said Ryan told people in Congress they "need to do what's best for you and your district."

Trump reacted by going to Twitter, sending this out Monday.

Ryan endorsed Trump in June after some hesitation.

Why is Ryan doing this?

Over the past 72 hours, Trump's campaign has seen an exodus of supporters – nearly three dozen elected Republicans have said they can't vote for him or want him off the ticket, Politico reports. That's following the Washington Post's report on a leaked audio tape from 2005, in which Trump talks freely about sexually assaulting women.

Trump, for the record, has dismissed the words as "locker room talk," and during Sunday's debate denied he ever engaged in any of the behavior he described – which included the phrase, “Grab them by the pussy."

The ad was paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Paulsen, following the leak of the Trump audio by the way, called the comments "disgusting and offensive," the Star Tribune reported.

The committee has also targeted Jason Lewis, running in Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District. WCCO has it here.

The New York Times has a story about the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's strategy and ads.

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