Paul Ryan rejects talk of 'rigged' election, confident of states' integrity

House Leader Paul Ryan has dismissed claims that next month's election will be "rigged."

House Leader Paul Ryan has dismissed claims that next month's election will be "rigged," amid fears that comments from Donald Trump could undermine American democracy.

The Wisconsin representative, who has distanced himself from the Republican candidate since the release of the "Trump tapes," issued a rebuke to Trump on Saturday, rejecting his comments that "globalist elites," including the media and the federal government, will rig the election.

Buzzfeed notes that some of Trump's supporters, including members of Congress, have started repeating his line about election rigging, but Ryan won't be among them.

"Our democracy relies on confidence in election results, and the speaker is fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity," Ryan's spokesperson told Time magazine.

On Saturday, Ashby Law released this 32-tweet explainer on how difficult, nigh-on impossible, rigging an election would be, a major fact of which is that elections are administered at state and local level by both Republican and Democrat supporters, rather than at the federal level.

Here's a few of its tweets:

You can also take a look at the argument presented here on

Fears of reprisals should Trump lose

Trump's comments have sparked alarm in some quarters about the ongoing faith Americans have in democracy going forward.

The Boston Globe reported on Friday about how a Trump supporter, having been told at a rally that a Trump loss will be the result of a rigged election and a conspiracy against him, suggested they could start a coup in the event of a Clinton win.

Politico reports that Trump, should he refuse to concede the Nov. 8 election, could "teeter the country into an unprecedented crisis of faith in government," adding that the burden will fall on leading Republican politicians, including Ryan, to "quickly and vocally insist on the legitimacy of her [Clinton's] election."

"What this would be is an assault on the foundations of the long established traditions of the country, an assault on democracy, vandalizing it," Republican strategist Steve Schmidt told the website.

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