People are being choked and robbed around Minneapolis

Police say they're investigating several incidents.

There's been a bunch of robberies in Minneapolis where the victims were "choked," and now police are looking into whether they're related.

Investigators are also working to determine if there is more than one suspect involved.

The case has received wide attention thanks in part to a Facebook post from a local restaurant worker named Josh Kirk, who was attacked last month while walking near Franklin and Pleasant avenues just outside of downtown Minneapolis.

As Kirk tells it, a passerby who intervened may have saved his life:

Kirk told the Star Tribune this week that the suspect – who managed to steal $20 from him – is a "dark-complected" man "with an average build and a beard."

The paper also says there have been at least 11 other similar incidents in the downtown area and south Minneapolis this summer. 

Police tell GoMN they're "following up with each victim" to find out whether the robberies are related, and if they were all committed by the same person. 

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