People are weirdly interested in how this Target sells bananas

These bananas aren't sold by the pound.
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You can put this on the list called "Things we didn't think people would be so interested in."

Reddit user SIGABA posted the photo above to Reddit Saturday. Why? Because how this Target sells the bananas is sort of funny.

"Target sells bananas by the each," the post is titled. And that's what the tag says; "by the each."

It was put on /r/mildlyinteresting. But it's apparently interesting enough to be one of the top posts on Reddit Saturday evening, with more than 23,000 upvotes and more than 1,300 comments just seven hours after it was first posted.

What it led to was a discussion about banana pricing, including places it's cheaper, or how it compares to places that price bananas by weight.

The banana business is tough. The Telegraph explained this in an article from a couple years ago, noting consumers expect bananas to be cheap – and that makes bananas a low-margin business. Chiquita for example sold $1.79 billion worth of bananas in 2013. Yet made just $112 million in operating income after accounting for costs.

Target's grocery strategy

If you've noticed Target's grocery lineup changing in recent months – good eye. It has been.

As the Wall Street Journal reported in March of 2015, Target set out to stock its shelves with more organic, natural foods, plus items such as Greek yogurt, coffee, and craft beers. Why? To attract more young people, urban families, and Hispanic shoppers into stores.

But things hit a bump.

As the Journal then reported in August of 2016, all the new fresh fruit and vegetables and meat the stores have emphasized wasn't getting bought fast enough. Instead, too much of the perishable food was spoiling, and ended up being a waste.

A month later, they reported Target is revamping its grocery staffing structure, with teams hired specifically to work in the grocery section rather than bouncing around to different departments.

But based on news reports, Target is still sorting out how to succeed in the food space. They hired a former SUPERVALU and Safeway exec in April of 2015 to lead the grocery direction. But 18 months later she was out – with Target still facing slow sales there, the Star Tribune reported.

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