People bought more holiday gifts online this year – and aren't done yet


More people bought stuff online during this holiday season compared to last.

That's according to a MasterCard Spending Pulse report, which says eCommerce grew 20 percent during the Black Friday to Christmas Eve period compared to last year.

Which isn't surprising, based on surveys beforehand.

In October, the National Retail Federation found nearly half of consumers planned to do browsing and buying of holiday gifts on a mobile device this year – the highest mark recorded in the 10 years the federation's been doing the survey.

And some people may not be done with holiday shopping.

The National Retail Federation conducted a survey asking people about buying gifts the week after Christmas. Nearly 66 percent of respondents said they planned to at least browse (and possibly buy) retailers' after-Christmas sales.

Of those, 43.1 percent said shopping would be done online (compared to 47.1 percent in a store).

Break that down a little further, and younger people will be even more likely to use the Web. Six out of every 10 millennials said they would shop online this week.

Overall buying was up

The MasterPulse report had a few other bits of information, including:

  • U.S. retail sales were up 7.9 percent this year.
  • Women's apparel sales were up double-digits compared to last year – but men's actually went down. MasterPulse says the warm winter pushed back clothing purchases.
  • Furniture also had double-digit growth.
  • And electronics "lagged well behind."

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