Update: The water is all good in Blaine now

"No water in Blaine. So, beer it is."

Update: Monday, 5:40 p.m.

It's all good in Blaine now.

The city said Monday afternoon the boil advisory is over. A lab certified by the Minnesota Department of Health ran some tests, and found no safety or contamination issues with the water. People who live or work there can use water as normal.

Below the break is the original story and update from Sunday, Jan. 8.

Update 4:30 p.m.

Schools in Blaine, including Jefferson, Johnsville, Madison and University Avenue elementaries, Roosevelt Middle and Blaine High School, will be closed on Monday as the city recovers from a water outage.

The city, in an alert sent out Sunday afternoon, said the outage is believed to have been caused by a "failure of software communication systems within the water delivery system."

The system is now back up and running "like it should be" but city residents will be required to boil all water before consuming it to ensure its safety for the next 24 hours.

More tests on the water will be carried out Monday afternoon.

Original story

Faucets ran dry in Blaine Sunday morning as the city experienced a loss of water supply.

The problem was first revealed at around 8 a.m., with a "city-wide loss of water" reported, but as of 11 a.m. the city says it has started to get water moving through its systems.

However, the city has now implemented a "boil water" policy for the next 24 hours to ensure it is safe to drink, with residents also asked to use water" sparingly" as its water towers are re-filled.

"It is important that for at least the next 24 hours, or until otherwise notified by the city of Blaine, that residents boil water to ensure it's safe for consumption," the city announced.

Officials are now investigating what cause the loss of supply.

The Pioneer Press reports that homes in nearby Lino Lakes and Circle Pines have also been affected by the outage.

It prompted the cancelation of the 9 a.m. service at the Eagle Brook Church, while others took to social media to show how they were coping with the loss of wet stuff.

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