People are loving this amazing photo, captured right here in Minnesota

A bald eagle, a rainbow, and a Minnesota lake.

This doesn't need a whole lot of set-up.

It's a stunning photo, tweeted by the U.S. Department of Interior Monday. It shows a bald eagle flying in front of a rainbow, at Lake Vermilion right here in Minnesota.

And it's just incredible, so we wanted to share it:

It's been retweeted more than 700 times, and liked by more than 1,700 accounts.

"How cool is this? ????" Kevin Ferreira replied.

"We think it's supercool ????"" the department tweeted back.

"Both cool and entirely American. As it stands, that is one of the best things I've seen today," wrote Lilah B.

Or Tony Morales: "THE MOST NATURAL PATRIOTIC PICTURE I'VE EVER SEEN!!!????????????????????????"

Bald eagles in Minnesota

Minnesota has more than 1,300 active nests, the DNR estimates, and only two states – Florida and Alaska – have more of the raptors. The bald eagle’s recovery from endangered status is one of America’s greatest wildlife success stories.

You can learn more about bald eagles – and get an up-close look at one – by visiting the National Eagle Center in Wabasha.

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