People might be starting to get less obsessed with Pokémon GO ... maybe

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Have we already passed peak Pokémon GO?

That might be the case, at least according to a new mini data dive from the SurveyMonkey Intelligence Blog.

The game got off to a blistering start even with significant problems in the first few days, capturing new players as fast as those players could catch the pidgeys and rattatas around their neighborhood.

The game kind of took over the world for a bit there (heck, even some reporter was playing during a White House press conference the other day), and the game even propelled Nintendo above Sony in terms of worth for a short time.

But maybe things are cooling off.

SurveyMonkey says downloads have tailed off since the game came out (though that kind of makes sense, since if someone already has it on their phone they won't download it again).

And if you're looking at the number of people actually playing every day – a week after the game came out, an estimated 25 million people played the game that day.

Since then things have dipped slightly, though it's still above more than 20 million active users a day. Comparatively, Bloomberg says Snapchat gets about 150 million daily active users, with Twitter at about 140 million.

But it's worth noting PokemonGO is still being rolled out to new countries. It just got to Japan yesterday. And they could always add new features (battling other people nearby, for example) that might make users spike again.

Vg247 said PokemonGO had made $35 million in revenue from downloads.

But hey, this guy might not care if less people are playing – he said on Reddit he already caught all 142 pokemon available in the U.S. game right now. To do that, all he had to do was walk more than 95 miles.

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