People will watch TV anywhere – like while they're driving or at a funeral, survey finds

People are obsessed.

People will watch TV pretty much anywhere, apparently.

That's according to the streaming website Hulu, which recently surveyed nearly 500 subscribers to find out where they're watching TV.

And, well, it's not always in the living room.

Sixty percent said they've watched their favorite show while on the toilet – and parents were four times more likely to say they watch TV in the bathroom than people who don't have kids.

The other top "crazy" places people admitted to watching TV were during a meeting at work; at a wedding; during a funeral; and even while they were driving (this is very illegal in Minnesota – even if you're at a red light).

Hulu says these survey results, which were released Friday, show people are really taking advantage of the idea that you can watch TV anywhere (thanks technology).

The survey also found people will do a lot to make sure they can watch TV. Here are some other findings:

  • 48 percent said they used two screens so they would watch two shows at the same time.
  • 42 percent said they'd cancel plans with friends to watch TV.
  • 35 percent said they used up all their cell phone data because they were binge-watching their favorite show.
  • 24 percent said they put their kids to bed early so they could watch TV in peace and quiet.

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