'Person of the Year' earns title again in paddle board rescue

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Experienced stand-up paddle boarder Myra Wang recognized the signs of a fellow boarder in distress on Tuesday when she spotted a beginner struggling by herself, battered by the wind on Lake Minnetonka, Patch reports.

The woman had been with friends, but got separated and was out of earshot, so no one could hear her yells for help, Patch reports. So Wang paddled out to the exhausted woman, and paddle-towed her back toward shore. A rescue boat picked up the woman a short time later, and Wang paddled herself back in, Patch says.

Wang was recently honored by the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce as the 2013 Person of the Year, and she joked that now she had officially earned the title. “I told her not to be embarrassed," Wang told Patch. "I’m out here all the time, and it was hard for me. It was her first time, and I didn’t want her to get discouraged or think paddle boarding is a horrible sport. We just happened to hit a bad bunch of wind.”

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