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Peterson perplexed by doubters; Schefter's take on the situation

We'll know Adrian Peterson's future in Minnesota in the next two weeks.

Adrian Peterson has a one-track mind when it comes to football. He firmly believes he still has the ability to dominate.

ESPN's Josina Anderson says she spoke with Peterson, who told her he's "perplexed" by anyone who doubts he can return to MVP next season. Anderson adds that Peterson considers the two games he played in last season as "rust games" while pointing out that he's a slow starter and strong finisher.

The Vikings have a major decision to make on Peterson and they only have two weeks to find an answer: Release Peterson and save $18 million, restructure his contract or pay him what he's owed, including a $6 million bonus on March 11.

Schefter's take says there's no way the Vikings give Peterson $18 million.

"The one thing we know about Peterson is that he's not going to be back in Minnesota at that cap number," ESPN's Adam Schefter recently said, via "Over the course of the next week at the combine when these meetings happen, the Vikings could sit down with his guy, his agent and go over his contract and see what he's going to take. If Adrian Peterson doesn't want to take less or simply wants out of Minnesota, he could simply say 'yeah, I'll play for this contract or nothing' and then they'd just have to cut him.

"He has a tremendous amount of leverage in Minnesota. The teams he brought up were the Giants, the Buccaneers and the Texans. I've also had people say to watch out for the Cowboys."

Strange tweet

And what does this mean? Anderson sent out a cryptic tweet without explaining its meaning: "Waves continue to ripple in these #NFL waters. #Vikings"

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