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Peterson to a fan: 'That fast they'll change on you'

Adrian Peterson keeps talking about the New York Giants, but do the Giants even want him?

Adrian Peterson set the internet ablaze Wednesday night when he tweeted a comment about the offseason moves the New York Giants are making.

"The Giants been making some interesting moves," he tweeted.

Peterson's comment came after the Giants cleared cap space by releasing wide receiver Victor Cruz and running back Rashad Jennings. It's his tweet, coupled with his comment weeks ago about possibly playing for the Bucs, Texans or Giants, that got fans and media in a frenzy.

One Vikings fan responded with "bye," which Peterson apparently took offense to because he retweeted the guy and said, "That fast they'll change on you. Not all fans but the fake ones!"

Bosma isn't wrong. Peterson's tweet definitely makes it look like he might have eyes looking towards the bright lights of New York City.

New York media eating it up

In the New York Post, there's an article suggesting Peterson "could be figuring the Giants would want another veteran running back as an insurance policy."

A writer for the New York Daily News thinks the Giants would avoid Peterson because of the 2014 child abuse case that got him suspended for the season. Last season, the Giants released kicker Josh Brown for alleged domestic abuse.

Another writer from the New York Daily News thinks Peterson is a perfect fit for the 29th-ranked Giants rushing game, and that Peterson could be fantastic, without costing too much, in an offense with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr.

CBS Sports notes that the Giants have glaring needs on the offensive line, so paying Peterson might not make a lot of sense.

Whatever happens, the countdown to PetersonGate is on. Minnesota has three days after the new league year begins March 9 to renegotiate a new deal with Peterson, cut him outright and save $18 million, or pay him what he's due, including a $6 million bonus on March 11.

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