Photo of blood-stained street in north Minneapolis gets city's attention

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A Facebook page created for north Minneapolis residents to voice concerns about their community may have invoked changes in how the city handles crime scene cleanup.

Photos of bloody snow taken at 37th Street and Girard Avenue North were posted on the page called North Vent this week -- the result of a shooting death that occurred almost a week ago.

"This pile of bloody snow has now been sitting on the street for several days," resident Nathan Thompson told BringMeTheNews. "Children get off the school bus in front of it, and walk by a pile of snow with human blood and brain tissue."

The photos generated several comments, many expressing outrage, that eventually reached Minneapolis City Council President Barb Johnson, who also made a request for the cleanup.

"It took several attempts to get all the material removed," Johnson said in response. "In consulting with Inspector Kjos and Mr. Kotke, the Director of Public Works, we are developing protocols to deal with this tragic circumstance in the future."

The Star Tribune says a St. Paul entrepreneur took notice of the problem and founded a company that specializes in cleaning up the aftermath of a death. The cost of the service is usually covered by homeowners' insurance.

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