Photos: BringMeTheNews readers share their back-to-school pics

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For many parents, the day after Labor Day is full of mixed emotions, a blend of pride mixed with a touch of sadness that surfaces when their children – another year older – start the new school year.

And it's gotta be one of the most documented days on Facebook, as moms and dads flood social media feeds with pics of their fresh-faced kids.

We asked our readers to share their photos – thanks, parents, and good luck this year! It's hard not to smile at all these smiles ...

Mason, 6, yesterday and today:

From Amy Gunderson:

From Mike Ramos:

From Mary Busch:

From Rachel Harrison:

From Jenn Kerin:

From Robin Vetsch Martian:

From Lala Gadzhiyeva:

From Courtney J. Simpson:

From Laura Wood:

From Stacy Kohnen Keefe:

From Amy Elise Garner Jones:

From Sandra 'Barkley' Schwartz

From Julie A. Hall:

From Angela Jarvis:

From Julie Carson Lynch:

From Felisia Howey:

From Cori Fischer Amesbury:

From Robert Haberman:

From Jennifer Johnson:

From David Fredericks:

From Amber Dukhorn:

From Christi O'Rourke:

From Michelle Novak Sawin:

From Nicole Mathes:

From Stella Collins Gorman:

From Karl Langford:

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Facebook deluged with back-to-school photos

Beaming Minnesota parents uploaded a staggering number of back-to-school images of their children to Facebook on Tuesday, the Pioneer Press noted. As social media continue to grow and expand, it may be that more and more parents are carefully posing that perfect shot of their well-scrubbed kids – and quickly posting it to the Internet.

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