Photos: Cows escape and follow (most) road laws

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Several cows broke free of their pen and hit the road, the Plainview Police Department posted on Facebook Friday.

The herd was spotted in the southeastern part of the state on Highway 42 between Plainview and Elgin.

But don't confuse these freedom-seeking cattle for rebels. For the most part, they're law-abiding cows with respect for the local government.

According to the police department, they traveled in the correct direction in the right lane. The cows stayed between the lines and even were within the speed limit.

However, for the safety of the cows, police had to bring the cattle drive to an end. Police say the animals cooperated and were returned safely.

A different cow made the news in October after it got loose in St. Paul.

Prior to that, a video showing a pair of escaped llamas went viral.

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