Photos: Hat Trick the dog gets rescued from a construction site rock wall

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A few MnDOT workers helped rescue a runway dog that managed to get stuck on a tall rock wall.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation says the 12-year-old retriever – named Hat Trick – tried to climb down the wall at the Highway 53 bridge project in Virginia, Minnesota, but got herself stuck.

Here's the view of the project site – the deepest portion of the pit is 500-600 feet deep, according to an engineer report.

MnDOT said workers didn't notice the dog, who was at the bottom third of the wall, until they heard rocks falling.

At first they thought she was a fox because they'd seen several climb up and down the wall in the past, the agency says.

They tried to coax Hat Trick down, but it didn't work. Then a worker volunteered to go up on a man lift to get the pooch down.

"The pup reportedly jumped right into the basket and was an obedient guest, sitting nicely the whole way down. The worker even brought an extra safety harness to clip the dog in the basket for extra security," MnDOT wrote on Facebook.

When the workers got Hat Trick safely to the ground, they gave her some water and called her owners. Within a half-hour, Hat Trick's family was there to bring the adventurous dog home.

The agency told the rescue effort in a series of photos on Facebook. Click through the rest of them here.

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