Photos tell story of unforgettable South Dakota snowstorm


A picture is worth 1,000 words – probably more so in the case of major weather events, and South Dakota got a doozy. A snowstorm Friday and Saturday toppled trees, left thousands without power, stranded motorists, and was blamed for several deaths, the Rapid City Journal reported.

Social media sites were hit with a blizzard of images that told the story of a shocking early dose of winter.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting collected a number of images in a Flickr slideshow that shows residents digging out narrow paths amid towering drifts. This poor tree's leaves hadn't even changed color yet:

A video of the Rapid City storm posted to Instagram will make you shiver.

Here's a Weather Channel collection of tweets, with images posted during the storm. Many told the story of harrowing road travel:

The National Weather Service Office in Rapid City posted to its Facebook page three telling images of its own building. Here's one:

The Associated Press has a nine-image slideshow that tells the tale of the storm that bested an October storm in 1919, which dropped 10 inches, a previous record.

MPR has pics, too, including a photo of dead cattle that were unable to weather the storm, sent in by someone who got trapped in an RV.

Here's another great shot from NASA, via MPR:

And the Rapid City Journal has an 85-image slideshow of reader-submitted photos that shows both playful and awe-inspiring images of the storm:

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