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Pickup truck hits 3 high schoolers walking to their school bus

The bus was stopped, with its stop arm out.

Three high schoolers walking toward their stopped school bus were hit by a pickup truck Thursday morning.

It happened in Otsego just before 7 a.m., when the Elk River School District bus was stopped to pick up students, according to a new release from the Wright County Sheriff's Office.

The bus' stop arm was out at the time. The three Rogers High School students were walking to the bus when they were struck by an oncoming pickup truck.

All three were transported to Mercy Hospital. Their condition and injuries aren't known, the news release says.

The driver of the pickup is being questioned.

The incident happened at Parrish Avenue and 78th Street NE. Authorities haven't released any more details about what led to the incident.

The school district in a statement said counselors and crisis teams are at the school for people who need them. They also did not have word on the condition of the students hit.

"It’s been a difficult day for our Rogers High School community and our thoughts are with our students and their families," said Rogers High School Principal Jason Paurus in the release. "In times like these it is important to come together, lean on each other and show care and concern for one another."

Buses and the 'Danger Zone'

When a school bus has its red lights flashing and its stop sign extended, Minnesota law requires drivers to stop their vehicles at least 20 feet away from the bus.

According to Minnesota’s Office of Traffic Safety, 13 children have died in school bus crashes over the past five years. But they say more deaths occur outside the school bus – in what safety officials call the “Danger Zone” – than while riding the bus.

The Office says drivers should anticipate that children will be in the area around a school bus, and parents can help by coaching their kids to be patient, stand well back from the road, and not run to the bus.

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