Piece of plywood flies off trailer, smashes into car's windshield


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A large piece of scrap lumber that wasn't secured well enough flew out of a trailer on the highway and smashed into another car's windshield.

The plywood was in a trailer that was being hauled by a pickup truck on Highway 14 around noon Saturday, just west of New Ulm, New Ulm Public Safety said in a news release.

They posted photos of the aftermath on Facebook – including the one above, and another embedded below.

According to the State Patrol, the piece of scrap lumber flew off the trailer and struck the hood and windshield of the car behind it.

Here's the other photo of the aftermath.


Both of the people in the front seat of the car had non-life threatening injuries, and were taken to a nearby hospital, New Ulm Public Safety says.

The State Patrol identified them as a 71-year-old male and 68-year-old female from Edina.

The incident has New Ulm Public Safety reminding people to really make sure anything you're transporting in a pickup or trailer is secure and locked down.

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