Pieces of collapsed I-35W bridge distributed Wednesday


The Minnesota Department of Transportation is allowing survivors of the I-35W bridge collapse to claim remnants of the bridge at a private event Wednesday.

The state legislature passed a law earlier this year determining who was eligible to receive a piece of the steel, the Star Tribune reports.

The legislation was proposed at the request of several survivors, who want to keep a piece of the battered steel as a memorial and solemn reminder.

The 2007 bridge collapse killed 13 people and injured 145.

Along with survivors, designated families, certain civic groups, first responders and the Minnesota Historical Society can claim a piece.

Of the 3,380 tons of steel being housed in MnDOT storage facilities, officials expect to give away 121 tons, according to the Star Tribune.

The Associated Press said whatever isn't claimed by Thanksgiving will be sold for scrap. Officials estimate the leftover steel would generate $645,000, which would go towards covering a small fraction of what was paid out to survivors.

Investigators blamed the cause of the collapse on an original design flaw and a few other contributing factors.

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