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Pigs found wandering Mpls. will live high on the hog on Indiana farm


From the Where Are They Now file, the Star Tribune has a follow-up on two pigs found wandering the streets of north Minneapolis in September.

And this one has a different ending than your typical swine tale. The newspaper reports that the boar and sow -- Andy and Annie -- will live out their days on a sanctuary farm in southern Indiana.

The owner of the shelter where they're now staying tells the Star Trib she's taken in many farm animals that are found abandoned or lost in the city. Mary Britton Clouse of Chicken Run Rescue says Andy and Annie are potbellied pigs, which normally make good pets. But these, she tells the newspaper, have been genetically modified to grow to 400 pounds.

Some of their smaller relatives around the country have been making themselves at home in urban areas, though. The Associated Press reported last spring on the growing number of New Yorkers who are flouting the city's ban on pig ownership.

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