Pillow talk? This one tells a bedtime story

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After three years of work, a Minneapolis mother/entrepreneur has brought her idea for a storytelling pillow to market.

Called "elo," the storytime pillow plays downloaded audiobooks, lullabies, or soothing sounds for the little ones – but only while their head is on the pillow.

Killian Rieder tells the Pioneer Press the product development process proved more grueling than she'd imagined. Patenting a process for pausing playback when the head is lifted was one of the myriad software and hardware challenges she faced.

Earlier this year, Rieder announced the pillow's release was imminent and now cash registers are finally ringing it up at a kiosk in the Mall of America.

Rieder's no newcomer to the business world, having previously started a jewelry company (and won an Entrepreneur of the Year award).

Her elo pillows, which sell for $150, are the flagship product of her new Minneapolis company, Edia LLC, the Pioneer Press says.

Parents can control the pillows remotely with a smartphone. But Rieder emphasizes in interviews that the elo is not meant to be a substitute for good old face-to-face bedtime stories. Instead, she says, it's designed to help children wind down at the end of bedtime routine.

The blogger Twin Cities Frugal Mom writes that bath, books, and bed are the custom at her home. But her 4-year-old son typically wants to get up again for some extra time with mom. She became a fan of the storytime pillow at a launch party last week.

Housewife on a Mission is another blogger whose review of the pillow was favorable, writing that it's made her son's bedtime much easier – and his big sister a little jealous.

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