Pilot was stoned when he crashed plane in Montevideo

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A pilot who killed himself and his brother when his plane crashed in Montevideo, Minnesota, was stoned at the time.

The National Transportation Safety Board has released its findings following an investigation into the September 2014, which killed pilot Mark Schultz, of Sleepy Eye, and his 51-year-old brother Steven Schultz, of Brooklyn Center.

The crash report says the "experimental, amateur-built" plane was over its weight limit when it crash, and the toxicology testing found traces of marijuana in Mark Schultz's blood, at levels indicating he smoked marijuana "in the few minutes to two hours before the accident."

This, it said, impaired his decision-making and "contributed to the decision to attempt to fly with the airplane significantly over its maximum gross weight in gusting wind conditions."

After climbing to about 200-300 feet above ground level, a witness reported seeing it level off and start to make a left turn.

At this point its right wing "went straight up" as if it was hit by a gust of wind, before it did a half-turn and plummeted to the ground.

The plane was later found to be 147 lbs over its maximum weight.

MPR reports that Mark Schultz was a bank executive and Steve Schultz worked for Medtronic.

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