Pine River breeder faces animal neglect charges


The woman running a northern Minnesota dog-breeding operation is facing criminal charges after more than 100 dogs and nearly 30 puppies were found living in poor conditions and seized from her property.

According to the Walker Pilot Independent, a nine-count criminal complaint was filed by the Cass County Attorney's Office against 60-year-old Deborah Beatrice Rowell of Pine River.

A search warrant executed on July 16 at 1175 County Road 1 East found the animals in overcrowded dog houses, many of which weren't high enough off the ground to prevent bedding from mixing with waste, the newspaper said.

The complaint noted that kennels lacked ventilation and had extremely high temperatures. The Star Tribune said the day the dogs were removed, temperatures ranged from 91 to 97 degrees.

Authorities also found many filthy water dishes, including one containing a floating dead mouse.

The Star Tribune says Rowell also runs a horse-riding stable in Pine River. There have been no allegations of cruelty in connection with that operation.

Northand's NewsCenter has the long list of misdemeanors and one petty misdemeanor brought against the breeder. Rowell's first court date is scheduled for Aug. 19.

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