Pit bull credited for saving Minneapolis boy's life


Whether it's a story of a "vicious" attack or the latest addition to a city's "dangerous dog" list, pit bulls typically get a bad rap in the media.

But here's one to balance out all those preconceived notions. FOX 9 reports on "TaterTot," a 10-month-old pit bull rescued from a Minneapolis shelter, who's credited for saving a young boy's life.

Just a few days after Christi Smith took in the foster dog, she was awoken in the middle of the night last week to TaterTot barking and whining.

Smith said the dog was licking and jumping on her 4-year-old son, Peyton Anderson, but the boy wasn't waking up.

"I checked on him, and he was barely breathing," the mother told FOX 9.

She rushed Peyton to the emergency room where doctors discovered the boy had dangerously low blood sugar.

If it weren't for TaterTot, it may have been too late.

"I could have been one of those moms sitting there telling people how I lost my son," Smith said.

A veterinarian told the television station that the dog may have picked up on ketones, a substance produced by the body if there's too little insulin.

As for Peyton, he tested negative for diabetes. Doctors are still unsure what caused the drop.


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