Plan to boost oil pipeline capacity reaches Minnesota regulators

Enbridge Energy just completed its Alberta Clipper pipeline a couple of years ago. But the company already wants to upgrade the line, which carries Canadian oil across northern Minnesota to Superior. A plan for the $40 million project was filed Monday with the Public Utilities Commission.
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Enbridge Energy is asking regulators to sign off on a project that would send more oil flowing through a northern Minnesota pipeline. The company says the $40 million project involves upgrades to three pumping stations, but does not require replacing any pipelines.

It's part of Enbridge's strategy to relieve a pipeline bottleneck that's limiting how much oil can get to Midwestern refineries. The $1.2 billion "Alberta Clipper" line was finished in 2010. The pipeline was built with a larger diameter than it is now using, which is why it can be expanded without changing the line.

The Alberta Clipper project is separate from a plan Enbridge has to build a new pipeline connecting North Dakota's Bakken oil field with Superior.

Enbridge, by the way, has a new CEO who spoke last week with CNBC about a range of energy-related topics.

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Traffic accident shuts down major oil pipeline from Canada to Midwest

Wisconsin Public Radio reports a vehicle crash in Illinois has disrupted pipelines that carry crude oil from the Alberta tar sands to refineries in the Midwest. The Enbridge pipeline moves 318,000 barrels of oil a day. A spokeswoman could not say how the disruption might affect refineries in the region.

Oil spill shuts down Superior-Chicago pipeline

A pipeline carrying crude oil to Chicago area refineries has leaked about 1,200 barrels of oil, Enbridge Energy Partners said Saturday. The Associated Press reports the spill was contained to a field near Grand Marsh, Wis. and nobody was hurt. The U.S. Pipeline Safety Agency is investigating the spill.

Enbridge proposes another pipeline from North Dakota to Superior, Wis.

Enbridge, a Calgary, Alberta-based petroleum company, wants to build a new 500-mile pipeline to transport more crude from northwest North Dakota to Superior, Wis., Forum Communications reports. Company officials say the Sandpiper Pipeline could move about 225,000 barrels per day. If the project is approved, the earliest it could go into service would be late 2015.