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Playoffs?! Vikings just hope they can win a game

One or two more losses could plummet the Vikings near the bottom of the NFC standings.

Four straight losses has knocked the Vikings out of the top spot in the NFC to outside of the playoff picture. In fact, the Vikings have gone on a free fall all the way to eighth place.

  1. Dallas Cowboys 8-1
  2. Seattle Seahawks 6-2-1
  3. Atlanta Falcons 6-4
  4. Detroit Lions 5-4
  5. New York Giants 5-3
  6. Washington Redskins 5-3-1

The Eagles (5-4) are in seventh and hold the tiebreaker because they beat the Vikings. And there are five teams within a game of Minnesota, including the Arizona Cardinals (4-4-1) who play at U.S. Bank Stadium this Sunday. The Bucs, Saints, Packers and Rams are all 4-5.

Key games this week:

  • Saints @ Carolina
  • Bucs @ Kansas City
  • Dolphins @ Rams
  • Packers @ Redskins
  • Cardinals @ Vikings

If the Vikings lose to Arizona they're automatically back to ninth place in the NFC, and they could fall further if any of the other 4-5 teams win. To make matters worse, the banged up Vikings then have to play the Lions and Cowboys on back-to-back Thursdays.

As Jim Mora said 15 years ago: "Playoffs?! Don't talk about playoffs. You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game ... another game."

What was once 5-0 could easily become 5-7 within three weeks. If the Vikings can get through the next few weeks without collapsing, the last four games of the regular season are easier against the Jaguars, Colts, Packers and Bears, a foursome with a combined record of 12-24.

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