Please, after you! Minnesotans are apparently very courteous drivers

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Twin Cities drivers are under the influence of "Minnesota nice."

Some of the most courteous drivers in the country are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, according to a report released by Expedia on Wednesday.

The Twin Cities came in as the second most courteous city behind Portland.

New York was named the least courteous driving city in America, meaning drivers have the "worst road rage."

Flipping the bird and getting into altercations

The study dived into a bunch of other driving-related topics too:

  • 9 percent of survey respondents said they have gotten into a physical altercation with another driver.
  • 19 percent have called police to report bad driving behavior.
  • 20 percent said they've felt "physically threatened" by another driver.
  • 48 percent say they've been flipped off (or received some other "rude/hostile hand gesture."
  • 35 percent reported being yelled at or cursed at.

Types of aggravating drivers

Which type of driver is the most aggravating?

"The Texter" received the most votes for the third year in a row, followed by the "Tailgater" and the "Last-Minute Line-Cutter" (but in Minnesota remember, the zipper merge isn't cutting in line – it's the correct thing to do)

  1. The Texter – 22 percent
  2. The Tailgater – 14 percent
  3. The Last-Minute Line-Cutter – 13 percent
  4. The Left-Lane Hog – 11 percent
  5. The Crawler – 8 percent
  6. The Multitasker – 8 percent
  7. The Swerver – 8 percent
  8. The Speeder – 5 percent
  9. The Drifter – 5 percent
  10. The Honker – 3 percent
  11. The Inconsiderate – 2 percent
  12. The Red Light Racer – 1 percent

Minnesota law enforcement cracked down on distracted driving last month in a six-day campaign. The Minnesota State Patrol issued citations to quite a few "texters."

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