Please don't jump on stage with Chance the Rapper, or anyone else. - Bring Me The News

Please don't jump on stage with Chance the Rapper, or anyone else.

Chance the Rapper was tackled by a fan last night during his Miami concert. Please, never do this.

Last night during a puppet-filled performance in Miami, our beloved Chance the Rapper was faced with the mind-boggling and potentially super dangerous irritation of a fan jumping on his stage and running up to...I don't know...maybe hug him or something?

Please, don't ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER do that.

It should go without saying that where the stage begins is where the audience ends and, if you haven't been to rehearsals or had a hand in what's happening on stage come to life, you shouldn't step on stage uninvited for any reason whatsoever. No exceptions. None.

We don't know what the idiot fan was trying to accomplish. Things like this, especially in highly perfected and intricate live shows like Chance's, just ruin them. It doesn't help, it doesn't enhance the moment, it's wildly selfish and there's never a proper time to attempt it no matter what you're feeling.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Overzealous fans freaking out and running-up on artists has happened for years. Look at this jerk risk his life to hug Michael Jackson, and Jacko having to carry him for dear life:

Look at how much Kid Cudi hates fans running up on stage as he disposed of this dork Mortal Kombat style off the ledge:

Look at how many times Action Bronson has had to wreck fools who interrupt his shows by bombarding the titan:

These clips are all evidence that bum-rushing the stage pisses the performers off. So please, stop running on stage uninvited.

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