Please peas me: General Mills snaps up next superfood


Betty Crocker isn't stirring yellow peas into her cake mix yet, but General Mills is working the product into a series of its signature products, with more in the works.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Golden Valley-based food company is using the ingredient to boost protein in products including Larabars and a Cascadian Farm protein bar. "Cereals could be next, although General Mills won’t disclose exactly what’s in the pipeline," the story said. The peas, and the flour made from them, are regarded as the the next superfood because they are loaded with fiber and vitamins and have few allergens and no genetically modified organisms.

The story goes on to note that General Mills got the jump on competitors in buying large quantities of the superfood. The company was one of the first big food companies to anticipate the versatility of yellow peas and has locked up supplies from vendors.

A post on, a website dedicated diet and nutrition information from health professionals, noted that demand for alternate complete protein sources is on the rise as more people embrace veganism. The story clarified that the peas in question are not the English peas-in-a-pod, but rather the field pea. Their story listed peas as one of three newest (and weirdest) ways to introduce protein into the diet. (The other two – bright green powdered algae and, brace yourself, crickets – are significantly weirder.)

Earlier this month, USA Today published a story about Hampton Creek, a San Francisco startup that is using yellow pea proteins instead of eggs to make mayonnaise that’s already being sold at Whole Foods and some Costco stores.

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