Plymouth family heartbroken after their dog was shot dead through a gap in their fence

They're offering a reward for anyone with information.

Imagine holding your 2-month-old daughter on a quiet Wednesday afternoon only to be interrupted by the frightening screams of your dog. 

It's what a family in Plymouth experience this week, and an hour after the yelping began, the dog was dead.

Porter had been shot

Porter, the almost 6-year-old purebred Springer Spaniel, was in Chris and Sarah Dockens' backyard when someone stuck a pellet gun through a gap in their fence and shot him. 


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The Dockens says they immediately took Porter to the Rockford Road Animal Hospital, where he died about an hour later as the result of a single pellet from a pellet gun. 

An autopsy revealed that it struck close to the pet's heart, KSTP says. 

Sarah wrote on her Facebook page that they "shocked, heartbroken and appalled that someone could do this to a member of our family." 

The Dockens are offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who can help them find out who shot their dog. The Plymouth Police Department is investigating and anyone with information can contact them at 763-509-5160. 

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