Plymouth police seize 200 pounds of pot packed into a pickup truck


Police in the western Twin Cities metro area made a huge pot bust Tuesday morning – arresting two men who were driving a pickup truck carrying 200 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of $750,000.

The Plymouth Police Department said it was tipped off by law enforcement officials in South Dakota that a large shipment of marijuana was headed to the city, according to a statement released by the department.

The pot was in 200 one-pound packages that filled the back of a pickup truck, which was being transported on a flatbed truck from South Dakota to Plymouth.

Police set up surveillance Tuesday afternoon and watched as the pickup was dropped off in a parking lot in Plymouth, and the two suspects took control of it, according to WCCO.

They drove away in the truck and were arrested a short time later along I-394 in Minnetonka.

The driver of the flatbed has not been arrested, and authorities say it's not clear whether he was aware that he was transporting marijuana, KSTP reports.

The two suspects are brothers, ages 27 and 23, from Independence, Minn. They are in custody in the Hennepin County jail awaiting charges.

Just last week, authorities in Wright County seized 56 pounds of marijuana, along with methamphetamine, cocaine and a homemade alcohol still, in a house in Southside Township. Two men were arrested.

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