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Podcast: Barnard tells Kupchella about journey to treatment


BringMeTheNews CEO and founder Rick Kupchella joined popular KQRS talk show host Tom Barnard for Barnard's podcast posted Tuesday for a chat about – as Barnard puts it – "why news sucks so much."

But the conversation covered a lot of other ground. Barnard talked for a bit about his widely publicized decision last week to seek outpatient treatment for anger issues and alcohol.

Barnard said that BringMeTheNews anchor Don Shelby, a guest on Barnard's podcast last week, indirectly helped influence his decision.

Barnard also said he didn't tell his wife about his decision to seek treatment before he announced it on the air. The announcement quickly drew a lot of media attention during his show, and he told his wife afterward.

Barnard said a rehab counselor had asked him why he was seeking treatment if alcohol had not gotten him in trouble with the law or at work. "I said, 'Because it's time. As I'm getting older, I'm getting really angry." He added, "It's got to stop."

Kupchella, a veteran TV news anchor who founded BringMeTheNews in 2009, talked about the fast-shifting media landscape.

Kupchella said, "You think about it, there's no rational argument for 5 o'clock news. The idea of [in anchorman voice] 'Hang on – when we come back ...' Now stop right there. Whatever you are going to say, if I wanted to know, I could already know."

Barnard said he appreciated that BringMeTheNews' format amounts to less spin and slant.

"I don't watch FOX, CNN, I could go down the list," Barnard said. "But I do read BringMeTheNews every day."

Kupchella joined another guest, former Viking and broadcaster Mike Morris, who said he was fresh from getting a "chicken grease" injection in his knee.

Check out the wide-ranging conversation on the podcast here.

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