Polaris to recall 1,500 three-wheel Slingshots over safety concerns


Motorcycle and ATV maker Polaris is recalling around 1,577 of its distinctive three-wheel hybrid roadsters, called the Slingshot.

The company, based in Medina, Minnesota, said some of its Slingshots have been fitted with roll hoops – designed to stop occupants' heads hitting the road in the event of a rollover crash – that do not meet "hardness" specifications, WCCO reports.

The 2015 models made between August 26 and December 15 last year and Slingshot SL roadsters manufactured between August 18 and December 15 are being recalled, the station reports.

The Slingshot debuted at the Minneapolis Convention Center last summer, drawing interest as a hybrid cross between a motorcycle and a sports car.

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It has two wheels in the front, one in the back, and a steering wheel rather than handlebars, but you need a motorcycle license to drive one and riders are advised to wear a helmet and safety belt.

Bold Ride reports that an issue had also been identified with ball bearings in the steering rack, which last week led to dealers being advised to stop selling Slingshots and owners to stop riding them until the problem had been fixed.

Motorcycle USA says Polaris plans to notify owners and dealers about the recall, and will replace the roll hoops free ot charge. Owners can contact customer service on 1-651-408-7579 for more information.

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