Police: 800 march in Minneapolis to protest immigration restrictions

Protesters called for cities to support refugees and denounced immigration restrictions.

Hundreds of people marched through Minneapolis Saturday afternoon to protest federal immigration restrictions.

The Anti-War Committee and the No More Deportations Campaign organized the solidarity march to denounce President Donald Trump's travel restrictions and his call to build a wall.

Minneapolis police posted to Twitter that about 800 people turned up for the march.

The protesters started at Powderhorn Park then marched past a bunch of immigrant-owned businesses to show their support. The crowd also called on the Twin Cities to keep supporting refugees.

This comes just days after hundreds of people marched and dozens of Twin Cities restaurants closed for “Day Without Immigrants." Cities all across the country participated. That time, the protesters marched in St. Paul.

Last Saturday, a similar protest drew a crowd of about 2,000 people. They showed their support for refugees and immigrants in a march from Minneapolis to the University of Minnesota.

The travel ban is being revised

President Trump's original executive order put an indefinite ban on refugees from Syria entering the country, a 120-day ban on all other refugees entering, and a 90-day ban on people from seven nations.

But that was blocked temporarily by the courts while officials worked to determine whether or not it was constitutional.

Last week, the Trump administration announced it was working on a new executive order to replace the original.

CNBC reported Trump said his revised order "will comprehensively protect our country.” More details are expected next week.

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