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Police are investigating 2 dog poisonings – but don't think they were intentional


One dog had to be put down, and another became ill (but survived) after eating rat poison – but authorities don't think it was a malicious act.

In Crystal, one pup ingested the substance last week, became ill and had to be put to sleep, the Crystal Police Department says.

And on Saturday, the City of Robbinsdale said a dog picked up an unknown green substance that was later identified as rodent poison. The dog was ultimately OK however.

As Crystal PD points out, in both cases the dogs were in fenced-in backyards.

Police don't think it was intentional

At this point police don't think the poisoning was intentional (like the hot dogs with screws in them in Lakeville, or incidents of rat poison near Bemidji).

Both Crystal and Robbinsdale PDs said even though that's their line of thinking right now, they are still investigating the cases. Anyone that goes through a similar incident is asked to call police.

Poisoning animals is a gross misdemeanor in Minnesota.

Check your yard

If you have a dog, it's a good idea to check your yard.

Crystal police said that, as fall comes around, people often use rat poison to keep rodents out of their homes (though spreading it outside a building is breaking the law).

"The rat poison can be transferred to other properties by mice, squirrels and so on," the department noted.

Because of that, the department suggested you check your yard for foreign objects frequently.

Robbinsdale recommended the same thing, and also said to keep any poison you might have secured and away from pets.

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