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Police: Beware of doorstep thieves as you shop on Cyber Monday

Tips for preventing packages from being stolen right off your doorstep.

With Black Friday behind us, the next big shopping holiday is coming up fast: Cyber Monday. Just like there are people who like to shop stores without paying, there are also thieves who like to pick up deliveries that aren't theirs.

Several police departments around the state are warning people to be careful with items they order online. Often times, packages are placed at doorsteps and anyone can just walk up and grab the items.

Minneapolis Police Department says there are things you can do to protect your stuff. Like you can choose to ship your package to an address where you know someone will be – a family member's house, trusted friend, work, etc. Or consider requesting to have a “signature required" so the package isn't just left outside.

Otherwise, you can choose to have your package sent to a FedEx or UPS location near you. Then you just have to go pick it up. The U.S. Postal Service has similar options.

The Huffington Post recommended last year to get a little camera installed so you can see what happens on your front porch and have proof if thieves come.

The police department says that if you do have a package stolen, file a police report. If you have information about a suspect, call 911.

Neighbors are also asked to call 911 if they see any suspicious activity regarding package theft.

From there, you can file a theft complaint through the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, FedEx, or UPS.

Online safety

The Better Business Bureau also wants to make sure people are being safe while giving out important information online.

The BBB recommends checking to make sure the website is secure. Look at the address box and make sure it says https:// at the beginning and there's a little lock symbol in the lower-right corner.

It's also recommended to update your computer before shopping to make sure you have the most recent anti-virus software installed. And stick to trusted websites.

Use a credit card to pay since you can always dispute a charge if you don't receive the item. You can also dispute unauthorized charges if they do occur. And keep documentation of all your orders.

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