Police, BLM at odds over video showing suspect beaten by officers

A video showing a man being struck with punches and elbows as he was arrested by officers has come to the attention of Black Lives Matter, but police say it doesn't show the full story.

Black Lives Matter recently shared a video showing a man being struck by officers during an arrest in Minneapolis, but police say it doesn't show the full story.

BLM posted the following video, which appears to be a series of Snapchats edited together, describing the incident at the Government Plaza light rail station as a scene "we are all too familiar with."

Warning, this video features graphic footage and offensive language.

At one point, an officer seems to strike the 30-year-old man repeatedly with an elbow, before another joins in with punches.

"Another filmed incident of police brutality downtown Minneapolis at the light rail station," BLM Minneapolis said on Facebook. "Surrounded and cuffed by several cops and getting repeatedly elbowed in the back."

Police: Suspect was resisting

The officers' body-worn cameras (BWC) show a different perspective that provides a "clearer view" of the suspect resisting arrest, according to a Minneapolis PD statement.

"The MPD is aware of, and has reviewed, the edited video posted on social media. MPD officers were called to the scene to assist law enforcement officers with a suspect of a domestic violence call who was resisting arrest. The BWC video of the MPD officers shows a different angle and provides a clearer view of the suspect’s resistence [sic]."

A report of domestic violence prompted Minneapolis police's search for the man and his alleged victim on Oct. 26, according to an incident report sent to GoMN.

They caught up with him at the light rail station, where he was "fighting" with officers on the platform. After he was wrestled to the ground, he was arrested and taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment.

He was booked into Hennepin County Jail on misdemeanor counts of obstruction, violating a domestic no-contact order, 5th degree domestic assault, but it's not clear at this stage whether he has been charged.

The alleged domestic violence victim, a 29-year-old woman, was taken home by officers.

Body-worn cameras rolled out

All Minneapolis police officers are now equipped body-worn cameras, which were rolled out as a pilot program in July and have been expanded to make it a permanent fixture within the department.

The intention is for the cameras to improve trust between officers and communities by increasing transparency and accountability, following growing concerns nationally about police brutality towards black people.

The officers' footage from this incident has not been released. Any public request for BWC recordings are referred to the Records Information Unit and their release must be in accordance with data practices law, according to city guidelines.

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