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Police catch chicken wing robbery suspects sticky-handed


St. Paul police say two teens brandished a handgun in the robbery of a deliveryman and stole his wallet, $80 in cash and a hot order of chicken wings, the Pioneer Press reports.

The Checkerboard Pizza employee was delivering the food order on May 31 when the two, a 16-year-old and his 19-year-old stepbrother, pulled out a silver handgun and robbed him, the deliveryman told police.

Police tracked the call for the order to a residence on Rose Avenue, where they found the 16-year-old, whose hands were still "slimy and sticky, and he smelled of hot sauce commonly used by restaurants on chicken wings," according to a criminal complaint.

Police put the teens in a squad car, and officers overheard the 16-year-old tell the 19-year-old he "should have washed his hands," according to the complaint. The complaint also noted that an officer saw "what appeared to be chicken bones near the bed," the Star Tribune reported. A semiautomatic handgun and assault rifle were also found at the home, the Star Tribune reported.

The 16-year-old later admitted to police they had committed the holdup and he told investigators that they were hungry and had no money for food, the newspapers reported.

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