Police chief arrested at home for suspicion of driving while intoxicated

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When the Polk County, Wisconsin sheriff's office responded to a one-vehicle accident outside the city of Amery late Saturday night, they found an empty car in a ditch.

The Pioneer Press reports that the deputies who responded noted that the car was registered to Thomas Marson, 55, the chief of police in the city of Amery. According to a report, a deputy caught up with Marson at his home shortly after midnight and Marson said that he had gotten a ride home after the accident, which he blamed on slippery roads.

WEAU in Eau Claire, Wisconsin reported that the deputy's report said that Marson smelled of alcohol, so the deputy administered two field sobriety tests. The report said that Marson was unable to recite the alphabet or complete a one-leg stand test. A preliminary breath test reportedly showed Marson's blood alcohol level was at .156, nearly twice the legal limit to drive. According to the report, before the tests, when Marson was asked if he felt over the legal limit, he said yes.

Marson was arrested and cited on suspicion of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. A second breath test showed his blood alcohol level was .15, and he was cited on suspicion of operating a vehicle with a prohibited alcohol concentration, the sheriff's report states.

The legal blood alcohol limit for driving in Wisconsin is .08.

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