Police: Crime at the U of M went up last year

Crime at the University of Minnesota went up last year.
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Crime at the University of Minnesota has been trending downwards for years. But that wasn't the case last year.

The Twin Cities university's police released a report this week that included 2015's campus crime states.

For the last 10 years, there haven't been any homicides there. That remained the same.

However the number of rapes and robberies increased since 2014. You can check out the 2014 numbers here.

The Pioneer Press reports that the campus had 546 "significant crimes" last year. Most of which were thefts.

In 2014, there were 503.

Even so, last year was the campus’ third-safest year in more than 20 years, according to the paper.

Campus resources

According to the report, the campus has more than 50 full-time officers and 135 part-time officers.

There are 33,000 cameras around campus that are monitored.

According to the campus' website, there are 20 blue-light emergency call-boxes located throughout campus. Additionally, there are 200 yellow phones for emergency, medical, and service-related calls.

Students can request an escort service 24/7. They just have to call the Security Monitor Program at 612-624-9255.

The Pioneer Press says the university will work to increase safety on campus by further securing buildings and upgrading cameras.

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