Police destroy homemade bomb found in Lakeville park


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Police destroyed a homemade bomb found near a playground Wednesday afternoon in Lakeville's Kensington Park, the Star Tribune reports.

Two bombs had initially been found at the park, but one had exploded by the time police arrived, the Star Tribune reports. Police effectively detonated the other one by using a pellet gun to release pressure.

There were no injuries, and officers don't suspect that the bombs were intended to hurt anyone, Lakeville Sgt. Jay Castonguay told the newspaper.

The bombs were made with ingredients that included clog-remover Drano and a pop bottle, KSTP reports.

Homemade explosives are not uncommon – Lakeville police get a report about them “every few months,” Castonguay told the Star Tribune. Recipes for making such bombs are easily found on the Internet, police note.

Two years ago, four teens, including one from Lakeville, were charged after homemade explosives were placed in the yards of at least four homes in Lakeville and Apple Valley, Patch reported.

Nationwide, between 1998 and 2008, there were about 4,273 incidents involving the possession, manufacture, and use of homemade explosives, according to the law enforcement trade publication Police magazine, citing Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives data.

Of those, the ATF noted that just five incidents were terrorism-related and the rest involved experimentation mostly motivated by curiosity.

"It would be too simplistic to say it's just kids because it's not just juveniles, it’s adolescents and perennial adolescents, it's that 35-year-old guy who still thinks it's cool to build a bomb and blow things up," Donald Sachtleben, director of training at the Center for Improvised Explosives Research and Training, told the magazine. "That's the person your average small- to mid-size police department is going to encounter."

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