Police identify man shot twice in head at MN state park


The victim of a shooting at a Minnesota state park last week has been identified by police.

Freeborn County Sheriff Kurt Freitag confirmed on Wednesday night that Spencer Daniel Brown, 23, of rural Freeborn County, died after he was shot twice in the head.

The shooting happened in Myre-Big Island State Park near Albert Lea on Aug. 23, with 26-year-old David Easter arrested and charged with second degree murder.

His attorney has said the shooting, which occurred in a parking lot near the Big Island pavilion, was in self-defense.

Easter, a member of the National Guard, was sitting in his car with his wife and baby when police arrived at the scene.

He told police that Brown was "acting erratically" and genuinely believed his family was in danger, also saying Brown came at him with a baseball bat – but prosecutors say there isn't enough evidence supporting this.

His wife told police she heard the two men exchanging words outside the car but couldn't tell what they were saying, apart from Brown at one point asking her husband to stop shining a light on him. She then heard two gunshots.

After the shooting, Easter called police to tell them what had happened. Brown's body was found in his car, which was locked, the Albert Lea Tribune reported.

On Wednesday, Sheriff Freitag told the news that both men had recent ties to Omaha, Nebraska, but at this point there doesn't appear to be a prior connection between them.

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