Police investigate attacks on Minneapolis high school students


A new policy implemented by the Minneapolis school district to replace traditional yellow school buses with Metro Transit may be proving dangerous for students.

Police are investigating three assaults on Patrick Henry High School students, all of whom take public transportation, KSTP reports.

The most recent attack happened on Wednesday when a Henry senior on his way home was threatened by two suspects on the bus. When the student got off, the two men began punching and kicking him and took off with his iPod.

In another case, a student suffered a concussion after being knocked to the ground. He had just gotten off a Metro Transit bus to walk his girlfriend home after school.

Parents are blaming the district's bus policy change for the assaults.

"They're just open targets," a mother told KSTP.

In response, the district is putting "transportation safety managers" on more routes and stops. Minneapolis police says they will also step up their presence in problem areas.

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