Police investigate "WEED FOR SALE!!!" ad on Bemidji facebook page

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Was it a brazen, forthright pitch by a drug dealer? Or was it joke?

The Bemidji Pioneer reports that police are investigating a Facebook ad with a headline that read “WEED FOR SALE!!!” It was accompanied by a photograph of a dozen glass jars of purported marijuana. It was posted July 29 on the “Bemidji Area Online Sale” Facebook page, which acts as an online garage sale for 8,000 members who see for-sale items in their Facebook news feed.

“Our drug task force is looking into it,” Bemidji Police Chief Mike Mastin said.

The post quickly garnered more than 200 comments, ranging from calls of “He’s a cop!” to“You’re an idiot.”

The newspaper reports that the ad was posted from an account of a man who uses several names. As comments came in, the man added a post that said he would be in the Target parking lot ready to make a deal. He offered the make and model of his car, writing,“...in a black and silver taurus if yall serious lol.”

Two Beltrami County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the parking lot but never found the car.

“We appreciate the easy ones,” Mastin said.

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