Video shows Wisconsin cop punching man during arrest, investigation launched

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Cell phone video captured at a Green Bay, Wis. bar is stirring up quite a bit of "conversation" on social media -- and has sparked an investigation.

The video shows an officer repeatedly punching a patron during an arrest outside the bar.

It happened early Saturday morning, according to the Green Bay Press Gazette.

A bystander recorded video of the arrest on a smartphone and posted it to YouTube. It's been shared tens of thousands of times on YouTube and Facebook.

Note: The video contains profanity.

Joshua Wenzel, 29, of Caledonia, Wis., said he is the man on the video, the Press Gazette reports. Wenzel said he was outside the downtown Green Bay bar shortly after it closed, when officers attempted to cite another man for having an open intoxicant on the street.

Wenzel told the Press Gazette he was "kind of drunk" at the time, but not "falling-down drunk."

Wenzel said he believes the officer came after him because he swore at him.

Wenzel said he doesn’t have any bruises or other injuries. He said Tuesday he hasn't filed a complaint with the police department, and he is still deciding whether to consult an attorney.

The officers involved in the arrest remain on their normal duties, said Green Bay Police Capt. Bill Galvin at a news conference Tuesday morning, according to WBAY.

"We haven't had a formal complaint filed, but based on the information we received yesterday, we have decided to start our own investigation," he said.

Galvin said the investigation will focus on whether the officers followed proper procedures.

He said if a person is resisting arrest, a police officer could be justified in throwing a punch, striking with his elbow or using his baton, according to the Press Gazette.

Investigators will review videos shot by witnesses at the scene, as well as dash cam video, and will interview witnesses in person, according to WBAY.

Three people at the scene were cited or jailed, Galvin said.

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